2014 Season Opener @ Ames Memorial Superspeedway

Thirteen drivers participated in CnB’s 10th season opener and 4 where successful picking up feature wins.

Pat Amos Schroeder led the way to the Hobby main and came away with an impressive win, his 39th career and 9th here at AMS. With the win he moved into a tie for second place with Rich Hohlfeld on the all time list. After a dismal 2013 season which saw Pat win only 18 heats, 2 features and no Top Dog awards, Pat’s plans for 2014 were to put last season behind him. By the looks of things he’s back in championship form. Pat now has 10 straight years with at least 1 HS feature win.

Late Model action was tight. Rich Hohlfeld and Tom Lange led the way to the main with only 19 points. A three way run off for 2 spots was held with Bill Martin and Paul Gilbertson advancing when Mark Swingle crashed out. Paul Shimshak also made the main although he was feeling under the weather. Winning the run off wasn’t enough for Martin. When Hohlfeld and Shimmy crashed out that opened the door for Bill and he easily held off Puk and Tom for his 17th career win, and 4th here at AMS. In doing so he tied with Tom for Top Dog honors.

Limited Late Models were back in action for a second straight season here at AMS. Tom Lange led the way to the main with 3 heat wins and 22 points while Mike Carlson followed closely with 21 points and 2 wins. First out was Martin on lap 1 followed by Swingle and Carlson on lap 4. The race was over 10 laps early when Drew popped out on lap 5 handing the win to Tom, his first career. Tom also won Top Dog honors with 27.

Vintage racing was as tight as the LM action with defending champion Jake Shimshak leading the way with 19 points. His feature ended early crashing out on lap 1 opening the door for Puk, Mikey, Kevin Owen and Bill. Puk was able to hold off Mike for his league leading 23rd career win and Top Dog honors with 23. The win was Puk’s first ever here at AMS.

Dr.Noise Bill Martin, came away with his 31st career Lead Foot of the week award 83-82 over Puk moving himself into 1st place on the all time list. Tom Lange placed 3rd with 72 running only 3 of the 4 classes.

2014 Ames Memorial Superspeedway Week 1 Standings

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2013 Final Results

I didn’t attend one of the final 2 weeks of races for the 2013 season and decided to not take photos/video on the final final night of racing, so here is a recap to the end of our 2013 season in the way of all the final points results for the final 2 races along with the final Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Overall Points.

Congrats to all champions and we’re all looking forward to more fun getting together for the 2014 season!

2014 Overall Champions: Jake Shimshak (Hobby Stock & Vintage) Drew Kreibich (Late Model, NASTJets, Modifieds, LLM) and Rich Hohlfeld (CWRA)

2013 Crash & Burn Points Final Overall Standings

2013 Wisconsin Points Final Standings

2013 Minnesota Final Points Standings

2013 River City Raceway Final Points

2013 Ames Memorial Superspeedway Final Standings 

Dakota Interstate Speedway Week 4 Results (11-22-2013)

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Week 30 (DIS) Championship Night.

Mike Carlson held off Jake Shimshak for his first career feature win coming in his 39th start in Bill Martin’s #38 AMC Hornet. In doing so he became the 25 different Hobby Stock feature winner. AJ was Top Dog with 24 points sweeping the season’s Top Dog award.   Two time defending track champion AJ Shimshak entered the night with a 9 point advantage. Before the feature started AJ had already won the track title making it 3 in a row here at his home track. Jake ended up 2nd 10 markers behind for the second year in a row.   For the season 3 of the 17 driver made all 4 features; AJ, Jake & Puk. Jake led the way with 12 heat wins while feature winners were Jake, Rich Hohlfeld, Mike Carlson and Bill Martin all with 1 each. Top point night was week 1 by AJ with 26.

DSCN7762 In Late Model racing point’s leader Tom Lange failed to make the haul leaving the door open for Puk, Jake, Drew & Rich.  While these 4 drivers made the main only Rich finished, placing 2ndbehind 2010 CnB Late Model Champion Ike Shimshak who was making his first start of 2013. With the win Ike kept his streak going of at least 1 LM feature win a year. Drew was Top Dog with 23 allowing him to pass Tom, Puk and Jake for his first LM Track Title here at DIS.  For the season Drew led all drivers with 11 heat wins while Jake was the only driver to make all 4 feature events. Feature winners were Jake, Tom, Bob and Ike. Top Dogs were Drew (3), Tom, Puk & Bill. Top point night was week 2 by Drew & Puk both with 25.

Drew held a slim lead over Tom and Jake in Vintage action and when the dust had settled Mike Carlson had his first career feature win and Drew was a 3 time champion having won back in 2009 & 2010. Mike’s win came in his 22nd start. Drew placed 2nd in the main. Jake had an unusually bad night failing to make the main for only the 2nd time this season.  For the year Drew & Puk made all 4 feature events while Jake led the way with 8 heat wins. Feature winners were Drew, Puk, Jake and Mike. Top Dogs were Jake, Drew, Shimmy and Bob Talley. Top point night was week 3 by Shimmy with 23.

DSCN7797The evening’s Mod action was also the final CnB night of Mod racing. Drew held a commanding 17 point lead so pretty much had the championship wrapped up. But, in the overall CnB standings 4 drivers had a shot at the title. Johnny G led all drivers to the main with 20 points and came away with Top Dog honors with 21. Entering the main Drew and Bill Martin were tied for the overall. Drew took the lead at the start and never looked back to claim his 5th feature of the year. Bill pushed as hard as he could placing 2nd loosing the title by 1 point to Drew. This marked Drew’s first Mod Title, the best he had placed before this was 6th.

For the season here at DIS Drew and Bob Talley were the only drivers to make all 4 feature events. Drew led the way with 13 heat wins and 3 features. AJ was the only other feature winner. Top Dogs were Drew (2) Bill & John (1). Top point night was week 2 by Drew with 30, he sweep 5 of the 7 heats along with the feature.

Bill Martin won yet another Lead Foot of the week award 78 – 61 over Drew Kreibich. Between the 2 they have won the last 9 such awards. Jake finished the night in 3rd with 59 followed by Mike Carlson who picked up 2 feature wins, first time he has won more than 1 in a night.

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Thompson Speedway Results 11/14/2013

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Week 29 (Thomspon Speedway) November 14th Championship Night.


Ten drivers made the trip to south La Crosse for the final night of the 9th season of racing here at Thompson Speedway. Point’s leader Bill Martin did not let up claiming 2 heats, the feature and Top Dog honors with 27 to become the second 3 time Track Champion. Both he and Greg Oliver won their 3 titles in consecutive years. Martin captured 13 of the 20 heats he was in and averaged 25 points a night. Other feature winners were Jake Shimshak (2) and Paul Gilbertson (1). Jake’s wins were his first here at Thompson. Top Dogs for the season were Martin (4) Jake (2) and Puk (1).

DSCN7557Late Model action saw Paul Gilbertson grab 4 consecutive heat wins, placed 2nd in the other and finished the night behind Rich Hohlfeld in the feature. The win was Rich’s 5th of the year and 47th of his career leaving only 3 behind Puk in the overall standings. Taking Top Dog honors with 28 points pushed Puk past defending track champion Drew Kreibich to claim his second T-S Championship and 18th CnB LM Title. For the season Drew led the way with 10 heat wins and 2 features. Other feature winners were Puk and Rich Hohlfeld with 1 each. Top Dogs for the season were Puk & Drew (2).

The Nastjet boys don’t race at many tracks but Thompson is one of them. Point’s leader Drew Kreibich wasted little time showing his dominance winning 4 heats before crushing the field with his 2nd feature win here. In doing so he became the 2013 T-S Champion by 9 points over Bill Martin. This marked Drew’s first career Nastjet Track Title. He also took Top Dog honors with 28 points and led the season with 12 heat wins. Other feature winners here were Bill Martin and Jake Shimshak with 1 each. Top Dogs for the season were Drew (2) Jake & Bill (1).

Bill Martin won his 11th of the year Lead Foot of the week award 74-73 over Paul Gilbertson with Drew Kreibich a distant 3rd with 54.


Wisconsin Points 11-14-2013
Thompson Speedway Final Standings for 2013
2013 Crash & Burn Points 11-14-2013

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Redstone Raceway Results/Photos/Video


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IMG_2610 IMG_2586

Redstone Raceway ran this past Saturday with a smaller turnout due to scheduling conflicts for many drivers, but none the less, some great racing action!  This weekend we visited LaValle Wisconsin for our only Saturday Crash & Burn  stop of Restone Raceway owned by Tom Lange.  Joining the races were Tom’s brothers John Lange and Peter Lange.  This weekends events accounted for 2 full nights of Crash & Burn racing as 2 sets of all 3 series (Hobby Stock, Late Model, Super Late Model) were raced out.  We saw a 7 car field battling it out for 5 transfer spots into each feature.  Needless to say, you didn’t want to be one of the 2 guys out!  Saturdays races would also be the annual running of the Dairyland 180 (won by winning Lead Foot of the Week).

IMG_2590The night started with Hobby stock action.  Due to computer problems the track had to be driven with non-computer track rules (you fall off, you get no points at all).  After the first set of hobby races.  All 7 competitors for the first round went all out in every race and, with that, many didn’t finish their heats.  Highest point winner in the first set of hobby heats was Bob Talley with no more than 14 points followed closely by Mike Carlson with 13.  When it came to feature time Bill Martin & track owner Tom Lange found themselves sitting out.  First feature win went to Drew Kreibich who dominated for 7 laps.  This would be Drew’s first hobby stock feature win of 2013 coming with only 4 weeks of racing left.

2nd round of Hobby heats found drivers finally settling down and finding their way to the finish line.  Top points for the 2nd round entering the feature was Drew at 20 followed by John & Tom Lange with 17 & 19 respectively.  Sitting out of the 2nd feature were top points man from round 1 Mike Carlson (4 pts) and Bill Martin (8 pts) yet again.  2nd feature was a clear win for Peter Lange who took home his first hobby stock feature ever.

John Lange ended up with the Redstone Raceway Track Championship for the Hobby Stock division.

Crash of the Weekend for Hobby stocks came in the 2nd round of heats involving Mike Carlson, Peter Lange, & Bill Martin. (picture below in the gallery)

Moving onto the late model division Bill Martin looked to continue on his winning streak after the Red White & Blue special event win a few weeks prior.  During the first set of late model IMG_2591heats again the drivers went back to their non-finishing ways.  Top points scorer for the race ended up being Tom Lange with only 13 points followed by Martin & Talley (10pts), and John Lange & Drew Kreibich (each with 8 pts).  The feature event found Bill Martin pulling out to the lead early and holding it for all 7 laps.  All participants in the feature ended up finishing the race with John Lange coming in 2nd, Tom Lange 3rd, Mike Carlson 4th, and Bob Talley in the 5th position.

2nd round of late model heats saw another first ever for Peter Lange who ended up not just keeping it on track for all 5 of his heats, but winning all 5 of them for his first ever sweep.  Other drivers also found their way to the checkered flag showing Drew with 19 pts, Bob with 16  and Bill with 14.  When it came time to for the 2nd feature it was John Lange (3pts) and Tom Lange (7pts) who had to play spectator to Bill Martin’s 2nd feature win of the night.  2nd place in the feature went to Bob Talley who was the only other driver still running at the end of the 10 laps.

In the end the Championship for the Late Model division went to Drew Kreibich.

Final event for the night were the 2 Super Late Model events.  During the first series of heats we saw magnets serving a couple of the drivers well in keeping them on track until the end of the 10 lap heats.  Drew was the top man closing out his 5 heats with 18 points winning 2 of heats and finishing 2nd in 2 others.  Following Drew was John Lange who closed out his heats with 15 points won from 3 heat wins.  The feature race, however, went to Drew with final lane choice.  Drew came home in the end with a total of 23 points beating Bill Martin & Mike Carlson to the finish line.  Not only beating them, but lapping them both.

IMG_2594The 2nd set of Super Lates saw Bill Martin downgrade from a Super late chassis to using his Sporstmen chassis due to handling issues.  The result got him into the feature, but top man in the 2nd round would go to Tom Lange who managed 3 heat wins and a 3rd place finish totaling 18 points.  Also performing well, once again, was Drew Kreibich who pulled out 16 pts.  Joining them in the feature race would be Bob Talley (9pts) & John Lange (8 pts).  Despite having one of the strongest cars of the series Peter Lange would find himself sitting out due to getting a piece of many on track incidents.  He and Mike Carlson closed it out with only 6 points each.  Once again, the feature belong to Drew Kreibich who didn’t dominate the 2nd go around, but pulled off a comfortable win to sweep the Super Late Features.

As the evening of races came to a close Drew Kreibich was crowned Super Late Champion as well.

Crash of the weekend for the Super Late Models came in between turns 3 & 4 when Bob Talley deslotted from lane 3 to get a piece of Carlson & Martin in lanes 1 & 2 along with Peter Lange in lane 4. (picture below in the gallery)

Lead Foot of the Week went to Drew Kreibich who ended up also winning the Dairyland 180.

 Dairyland 180 results
1 Drew Kreibich   109***
2 Bill Martin      83**
3 Tom Lange        81
4 John Lange       72
5 Bob Talley       65
6 Mike Carlson     62
7 Peter Lange      61*

Redstone Raceway Final Points Standings
Wisconsin Championship Points
2013 Crash & Burn Points as of Week 28

Video of some of the heats/features from each division

Apologies on the photos that are a bit blurry.  The Camera was smarter than I was.

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This Saturday @ Redstone Raceway!

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Drivers 3-29-08 Langes 2

This Saturday we will be running at Redstone Raceway owned by Tom Lange in Lavalle, Wisconsin!  Starting time is between 12PM and 1PM with the gates opening at 11AM.  All are welcome to join us as we run 3 classes of cars and 6 total sessions (2 for each class).  We will be running hobby stocks, followed by Super late models, ending with Late Models.  If you’re leaving from La Crosse car pooling is available to those who want it.  If you’re from somewhere else and plan to come, we will see you at the track!  Remember, if you’re new, you don’t have to bring anything but yourself.

Redstone Raceway’s Current Track Points Standings


Dakota Interstate Speedway Results (11-01-2013)

Week 26 November 1st (DIS) Two time DIS Hobby Stock Champion AJ Shimshak had another Top Dog night making it 3 for 3 in 2013 and stretched his point lead to 9 over older brother  Jake. With no feature wins AJ is finding top finishes win titles. Tom Lange led the way with 3 heat wins and has moved into 3rd place. Bill Martin picked up his 3rd feature win of the year for the Hobby Division.
After winning the Hobby feature Martin reeled off 4 Late Model heat wins and Top Dog honors with 24. Jake Shimshak held off Tom Lange and Mike Carlson for his 3rd win of the year. Tom Lange has moved into the points lead after leader Drew Kreibich experienced a dismal night finishing with 2 points.

Lange led the way in Vintage racing with 3 heats wins but had to leave the track early. His spot in the feature went to Drew Kreibich who then went on to win his 3rd feature of the year.   The series always saw some carnage and amusing incidents as Rich Hohfeld IMG_2702continuing tradition since the start of the new RCHORA website lost some more parts taking a dive to the floor.

now currently holds a 2 point lead over Tom in the VGN standings here at DIS. Kevin Owen placed 2nd in the main followed by Puk and Shimmy. Top Dog honors went to Paul Shimshak with 23.



Martin led the way to the Mod feature with 5 heat wins out of 7. In the feature AJ edged Bill by inches for his first win since 2009. Top Dog honors went to Martin with 29. Drew remains a shoe in to win the DIS title but has now fallen 12 points behind Puk in the overall standings with 1 night of racing to go.
Bill Martin won his 5th straight Lead Foot of the week award 93-73 over Puk and his 10th of the year, setting a new record for most in a season. He also was the winner of the 38th annual Old Style 120.
Old Style 120 Results:
1 Bill Martin      93*
 2 Paul Gilbertson  73
 3 Tom Lange        65
 4 Jake Shimshak    60*
 5 Rich Hohlfeld    60
 6 AJ Shimshak      56*
 7 Paul Shimshak    53
 8 Kevin Owen       47
 9 Mike Carlson     37
10 Drew Kreibich    36*
11 Pat Schroeder    33
12 Bob Talley       32
13 Brandon Grady    30
14 John Gilbertson  26

Next 2 Confirmed Race Dates!


DIS 2009 1

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SATURDAY 11-09-2013 : REDSTONE RACEWAY (LaValle, Wisconsin)


Next 2 Crash & Burn dates have been confirmed!  The next race will be held at Dakota Speedway on FRIDAY November 1st, 2013

Points standings can be found just below this writing.  Directions to the track are also supplied if you’re not sure how to find the place.

Dakota_Interstate_Speedway Track Championship Points After 2 weeks

The following Race will be one of the 2 Saturday races to be held at Redstone Raceway in LaValle, WI!  That race will take place on SATURDAY November 9th, 2013.

Below are the current points standings after the first race weekend which took place earlier this year.

     Redstone Raceway Track Championship Standings (After 1 week and 2 Series)

2013 CWRA 1 RSR feature 5 Tom's

Results: Red, White, & Blue 2013




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Congrats to Bill Martin on winning his first ever Red White & Blue Late Model event.  There was plenty of action as a total of 11 drivers took to the field to battle it out at River City Raceway in La Crosse, WI.


Each segment was luck of the draw with no rotation of lanes.  Each segment the drivers would redraw for their new lanes.  Martin ended up winning out on the luck of the draw making it onto Lane 2 for all 3 segments which would prove to be a huge upper hand.  Each segment contained 2 5 driver races to determine the finishing positions of all 11 drivers.

DSCN7171In the Red race we saw Tom Lange of Lavalle, WI take the first race with a 2 lap lead over the field.  Tom came off only 3 times over the course of the race and still managed to keep a distant lead over everyone else.  During this race we also saw 6 time RW&B winner Paul Gilbertson suffer from what appeared to be a bad setup heading into turn 3 on lane 2.  Later it was discovered there was debris on the track which caused Gilbertson to drop out of the Red event early.  In the following race Martin of Madison, WI discovered said debris and lane 2 was clear sailing.  Martin ended up taking the victory in the race by a decent margin, however Lange still took the overall victory by only a half a straightaway difference between the 2.

The White Race saw some great racing action.  Most notably in the 2nd of the 2 races of the segment as a strong battle between Mike Carlson, Drew Kreibich, and Bill Martin.  3 and sometimes 4 drivers remained all on the lead lap with the lead constantly changing hands.  About mid-race Drew starting falling off the pace.  Later it was found that pick-up shoes may have been the culprit to the DSCN7163dropping off the pace.  As the segment came to a close Bill Martin had taken the segment overall by more than 4 laps over the rest of the field setting up a comfortable margin leading into the final Blue Segment.

The blue segment saw the top 3 cars from the first 2 segments running the same 5 car race together.  This race also included 2009 Blue race winner Pat Schroeder who got started the event on Lane 1.  As the race progressed it looked like it could have been anyone to win the race.  Early on, though, a nasty crash involving the #18 of Rich Hohlfeld, the #39 Bill martin and the #28 of Pat Schroeder ended up knocking the rear of Hohlfeld’s car completely off.  After a short pit stop Hohlfeld returned in a backup car and was able to DSCN7169continue the race before the green flag flew again.  As the race progressed the lead changed hands once again over and over again between Schroeder, Martin, Lange, and Carlson.  As the segment came to a close Tom Lange in the #9 came away with the victory by 1 lap over the field, but it wasn’t enough to eat into the 4 lap lead Martin had entering the final event.

Notes:  Lauren Ihle (#81) makes her debut subbing in for Mark Swingle (#9) after failing to make the start in the Blue race.

Congrats to all drivers and thank you for your participation.  We will all see you again next race at Dakota Interstate Speedway for our stop at the 7 Lane monster!

RED WHITE & BLUE 2013 Finishing Results 10/17/2013 (PDF Format)