WELCOME TO CRASH & BURN! (Located in the La Crosse, WI general area)

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Crash & Burn (born out of the RCHORA Slot Car Club) is a specific style of racing.  All tracks are oval configurations (most computer controlled for laps/times/etc.).  The rules of racing are simple.  You Crash… You Burn!  Heats will range from 5 laps, 7 laps, or 10 laps with Features ranging from 7 laps, 10 laps, to 15 laps depending upon the division being run.  All drivers rotated European style through 5 lanes of racing and all drivers cycle through running 5 heats until all drivers have run 5.  From there the points tally will decide who runs in the Feature event (feature takes 5 drivers).

What makes this racing unique is that there are no track marshals.   Each race is a sprint over a short distance and if you push too hard, and crash, you’re done…and you may take someone else with you!  While there are no track marshals that also means that your car will remain on the track where you may have crashed which could take out 1 or 2 or even the whole field!  If all 5 cars are found not running a yellow flag will be thrown and the race will resume with all 5 drivers back on track.  This style of racing results in a sort of Talladega or DaytDRIVERS 09 E-S W-1 4ona effect where anyone can win at absolutely anytime any given night.  No need to be the fastest here!  Stay consistent and you will be rewarded!

We travel currently to 8 different tracks running primarily on Thursday evenings (7pm to 9:30pm central time).  Some races are run on Fridays pending the track owners schedule (and our own…we like to accommodate all drivers availability whenever possible… especially if a track or division championship is at stake).  We also have a few races on Saturdays for special events such as our Oktoberfest Races and races at one of our members tracks who are more of a drive than the La Crosse local regulars.


We welcome all newcomers and absolutely anyone who is interested in joining us.  You got a love for slot car racing?  Perhaps just racing in general and you’ve never tried this stuff out?  Doesn’t matter to us.  We get together to simply have a gre

at time and be a little competitive at the same time (some a little more than others!).

Our next race will always be posted in the schedule section of this website along with a map so if you’re in the area or p

erhaps would like to even travel (a number of our drivers travel a good distance to race with us as many nights as possible from Madison, Mauston, Winona, Rochester, etc.) feel free to join us.  Oh, and if you don’t have any equipment…not to worry.  We always have plenty of extra cars available for anyone who wants to come and give it a try.

Thanks for checking out The Crash & Burn series of Slot Car Racing.  Hope to see you at the track!