These are the different divisions that we run in the Crash & Burn Series.  Many divisions run similar chassis with slightly different rules per class regarding tires, hubs, axles, etc.

1 First Supply B



CWRA Division:  CWRA stands for Coulee Wide Racing Association. Chassis is either Aurora magnatraction or Auto World X-Traction.  This is a special division mostly driven on it’s own special nights and not with the regular Crash & Burn scheduled events.  Currently one track uses this series as a regular in their Crash & Burn series track championships (Mauston)




44 Vuch 57 H




Vintage Grand National Series: Driven at most tracks, this class uses Aurora, Johnny Lightning or Auto World chassis, no magnet traction. American bodies 1949-1962. Stock Road Race Replica steel 8 lug wheels with Road Race Replica white lettered tires.








Modified Series (River City Willys): This class uses Aurora or Auto World magnatraction 4 gear specialty chassis, Willys bodies.  This division is driven primarily at our Minnesota tracks in Dakota, Dresbach, and La Crescent.








Hobby Stock Series: Run at all tracks this series uses Aurora Thunderjet, Johnny Lightning or Auto World chassis, skinny silicon tires




LM 17 8




Late Model Division: Currently run at all tracks, it uses Aurora Thunderjet, Johnny Lightning or Auto World chassis, no magnets.




NTJ 2009 14 2




NasTjets Division:  This is a bone stock division (specifically no modifications to the gear plate) using Aurora, Johnny Lightning or Auto World Thunderjet chassis, no magnets. NASCAR bodies with wing spoilers and front spliters, no open windows.  This division currently runs primarily at 2 Wisconsin tracks in La Crosse.