Redstone Raceway Results/Photos/Video


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Redstone Raceway ran this past Saturday with a smaller turnout due to scheduling conflicts for many drivers, but none the less, some great racing action!  This weekend we visited LaValle Wisconsin for our only Saturday Crash & Burn  stop of Restone Raceway owned by Tom Lange.  Joining the races were Tom’s brothers John Lange and Peter Lange.  This weekends events accounted for 2 full nights of Crash & Burn racing as 2 sets of all 3 series (Hobby Stock, Late Model, Super Late Model) were raced out.  We saw a 7 car field battling it out for 5 transfer spots into each feature.  Needless to say, you didn’t want to be one of the 2 guys out!  Saturdays races would also be the annual running of the Dairyland 180 (won by winning Lead Foot of the Week).

IMG_2590The night started with Hobby stock action.  Due to computer problems the track had to be driven with non-computer track rules (you fall off, you get no points at all).  After the first set of hobby races.  All 7 competitors for the first round went all out in every race and, with that, many didn’t finish their heats.  Highest point winner in the first set of hobby heats was Bob Talley with no more than 14 points followed closely by Mike Carlson with 13.  When it came to feature time Bill Martin & track owner Tom Lange found themselves sitting out.  First feature win went to Drew Kreibich who dominated for 7 laps.  This would be Drew’s first hobby stock feature win of 2013 coming with only 4 weeks of racing left.

2nd round of Hobby heats found drivers finally settling down and finding their way to the finish line.  Top points for the 2nd round entering the feature was Drew at 20 followed by John & Tom Lange with 17 & 19 respectively.  Sitting out of the 2nd feature were top points man from round 1 Mike Carlson (4 pts) and Bill Martin (8 pts) yet again.  2nd feature was a clear win for Peter Lange who took home his first hobby stock feature ever.

John Lange ended up with the Redstone Raceway Track Championship for the Hobby Stock division.

Crash of the Weekend for Hobby stocks came in the 2nd round of heats involving Mike Carlson, Peter Lange, & Bill Martin. (picture below in the gallery)

Moving onto the late model division Bill Martin looked to continue on his winning streak after the Red White & Blue special event win a few weeks prior.  During the first set of late model IMG_2591heats again the drivers went back to their non-finishing ways.  Top points scorer for the race ended up being Tom Lange with only 13 points followed by Martin & Talley (10pts), and John Lange & Drew Kreibich (each with 8 pts).  The feature event found Bill Martin pulling out to the lead early and holding it for all 7 laps.  All participants in the feature ended up finishing the race with John Lange coming in 2nd, Tom Lange 3rd, Mike Carlson 4th, and Bob Talley in the 5th position.

2nd round of late model heats saw another first ever for Peter Lange who ended up not just keeping it on track for all 5 of his heats, but winning all 5 of them for his first ever sweep.  Other drivers also found their way to the checkered flag showing Drew with 19 pts, Bob with 16  and Bill with 14.  When it came time to for the 2nd feature it was John Lange (3pts) and Tom Lange (7pts) who had to play spectator to Bill Martin’s 2nd feature win of the night.  2nd place in the feature went to Bob Talley who was the only other driver still running at the end of the 10 laps.

In the end the Championship for the Late Model division went to Drew Kreibich.

Final event for the night were the 2 Super Late Model events.  During the first series of heats we saw magnets serving a couple of the drivers well in keeping them on track until the end of the 10 lap heats.  Drew was the top man closing out his 5 heats with 18 points winning 2 of heats and finishing 2nd in 2 others.  Following Drew was John Lange who closed out his heats with 15 points won from 3 heat wins.  The feature race, however, went to Drew with final lane choice.  Drew came home in the end with a total of 23 points beating Bill Martin & Mike Carlson to the finish line.  Not only beating them, but lapping them both.

IMG_2594The 2nd set of Super Lates saw Bill Martin downgrade from a Super late chassis to using his Sporstmen chassis due to handling issues.  The result got him into the feature, but top man in the 2nd round would go to Tom Lange who managed 3 heat wins and a 3rd place finish totaling 18 points.  Also performing well, once again, was Drew Kreibich who pulled out 16 pts.  Joining them in the feature race would be Bob Talley (9pts) & John Lange (8 pts).  Despite having one of the strongest cars of the series Peter Lange would find himself sitting out due to getting a piece of many on track incidents.  He and Mike Carlson closed it out with only 6 points each.  Once again, the feature belong to Drew Kreibich who didn’t dominate the 2nd go around, but pulled off a comfortable win to sweep the Super Late Features.

As the evening of races came to a close Drew Kreibich was crowned Super Late Champion as well.

Crash of the weekend for the Super Late Models came in between turns 3 & 4 when Bob Talley deslotted from lane 3 to get a piece of Carlson & Martin in lanes 1 & 2 along with Peter Lange in lane 4. (picture below in the gallery)

Lead Foot of the Week went to Drew Kreibich who ended up also winning the Dairyland 180.

 Dairyland 180 results
1 Drew Kreibich   109***
2 Bill Martin      83**
3 Tom Lange        81
4 John Lange       72
5 Bob Talley       65
6 Mike Carlson     62
7 Peter Lange      61*

Redstone Raceway Final Points Standings
Wisconsin Championship Points
2013 Crash & Burn Points as of Week 28

Video of some of the heats/features from each division

Apologies on the photos that are a bit blurry.  The Camera was smarter than I was.

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