Martin Sweeps Track Championship at Ames Memorial



This past week the drivers of the Crash & Burn series went to Dakota, MN for the 4th and final night at Ames Memorial Speedway.  Entering the night Bill martin lead all 4 division points after 3 weeks, but was in striking distance for drivers to take the top position in the final visit to Ames Memorial for 2014.



First round of the night was the Hobby Stock division where Bill Martin held a 7 point lead over #28 Pat Schroeder.  3rd through 5th were all tied 8 points behind the leader (Tom Lange, Rich Hohlfeld, and Paul Gilbertson).  As the heats progressed in the end it was 3rd place entry Tom Lange who would come out at the end with the most points on the night with a solid 25 overtaking Paul Gilbertson and taking 2nd place away from Pat Schroeder who only was able to pull 14 points at the end.  Although Tom Lange scored the most points it was not enough to make up the 8 point gap with Martin ending the Hobby Stock night with a total 23 points taking his first track title.  Martin takes first with 90 points followed by Tom Lange, Paul Gilbertson, Pat Schroeder, and Jake Shimshak rounding out the top 5 positions.  Rich Hohlfeld would drop to the 6th spot.  Feature winner for the night would be Paul Gilbertson in his #5 Whers/TJs sponsored 69 Chevelle.




Next round for the night would be the Late Model division.  Points were tighter entering the night with only an 8 point spread from 1st to 3rd between Bill Martin, Paul Gilbertson, and Tom Lange.  4th place Rich Hohlfeld was also in striking distance on the top 3 spots, but it would be a tough gap to make up pending the other driver’s results.  When the heats &  features came to a close there was a total 4 drivers coming away with 20+ points and a 5th coming away with a total of 19 (Jake Shimshak).  The Feature win would go to Rich Hohlfeld, his 2nd feature win of the year at Ames Memorial, bringing his total points to 20.  Although winning the feature, Rich would come away 4th in the final track title points.  In the end Martin would come away with 27 points on the night followed by Tom Lange with 23 (who ends up 3rd overall) and Paul Gilbertson with 21 (2nd place overall).  Martin ends the night gaining points on the field and finishing with a 10 point lead taking his 2nd track title for the night.


3rd round for the night would be the Vintage Grand National series.  Entering the night this was the closest battle as Martin only had a single point lead over Paul Gilbertson’s #17 Chevy with Jake Shimshak also in striking distance only 5 points behind the leader.  All 3 drivers in the top 3 were also feature winners in the previous 3 weeks of racing at Ames Memorial.  When the points were tallied at the end of the night we saw all 3 of the top runnings scoring strong.  Martin ended the night with 27 points (including feature) followed by Jake Shimshak with 24, and Paul Gilbertson with another strong 21 point finish.  Jake Shimshak would pull off his 2nd feature win on the night, putting him one point short of 2nd place finisher Paul Gilbertson.  With Martin’s 27 point finish he wins his 3rd track championship of the night.  Rich Hohlfeld would pull off a 4th place finish followed by Bob Talley’s #15 Tippy Toe Inn Ford rounding out the top 5.


4th and final division of the night would be the Limited Late Models.  Entering the night Bill held a decent 6 point lead over two drivers tied for 2nd place (Jake Shimshak & Rich Hohlfeld) followed by Tom Lange 4 more points back in the 4th position.  Paul Gilbertson & Pat Schroeder were tied for the 5th position.  After some hard crashes and very close battles during the heats it was Paul Gilbertson who would come away with the feature win with an easy single car remaining win on lane 1 after a big crash on the frontstretch early on in the race.  Despite the feature win and a total combined point total for the night of 27  points with his heat races it was not enough to finish any higher than 4th position behind 3rd place Jake Shimshak pulling 18 points, 3rd place Tom Lange who came away with a strong 24 points, and 1st place Bill Martin who came away with 23 points.  With his 23 points Martin was able to capture his 4th track championship of the night and sweep all 4 divisions..



Over all 4 divisions we saw 16 features.  Here’s the feature winners (and how many they won)

1.) Paul Gilbertson (5 wins)
2.) Bill Martin (3 wins)
3.) Jake Shimshak (2 wins)
4.) Rich Hohlfeld (2 wins)
5.) Pat Schroeder (2 wins)
6.) Tom Lange (2 win)

Final Points Standings for the track can be seen with the link below:
Ames Memorial Superspeedway Standings (Final)

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