Ames Memorial Superspeedway Results of Week 2 (2014)

Welcome to Ames Memorial Superspeedway!
Welcome to Ames Memorial Superspeedway!

2014 Ames Memorial Superspeedway Week 2 Standings

2014 Overall Standings as of Week 3

This week in Crash & Burn we returned to Ames Memorial Superspeedway for one more practice week before entering this coming Sunday’s OktHOberfest event.  Pat Schroeder continued his incredible start to 2014 by locking up his 2nd feature win, both coming from the same track.  After just 3 weeks Pat is really on his way to a fantastic 2014 Hobby Stock season.  Pat was also the top points man for the even coming away with 23 followed by Bill Martin, Rich Hohlfeld, and Jake Shimshak all earning themselves 22 points for the night.  Paul Shimshak came in 3rd on points coming home with 21.

Tragedy for the scoring chair!
Tragedy for the scoring chair!

In The late models we saw the return of J.D. Stacy sponsorship on Bill Martin’s new #39 Camaro.  Despite the new sponsorship it was Paul Gilbertson who took home top points this week in his #5 STP/Sungowi Camaro.  Paul came home with 23 points followed closely by Bill Martin, Tom Lange, and Kevin Owen who all earned 21 points.  5th points position fell to Jake Shimshak with another strong week under his belt.

Limited Late Models were the next event and this time around Jake Shimshak in his #16oz Old Milwaukee Monte Carlo showing everyone how it’s done.  Jake came away with 25 points  followed by Paul Gilbertson with 22, Kevin Owen with 21, Bill Martin with 20, and Rich Hohlfeld with 18.

Final event for the night was the Vintage Grand National series.  Once again showing their muscle were Paul Gilbertson and Jake Shimshak who earned 24 points and 23 points respectively.  Following them was Rich Hohlfeld with 21 points in his #6 1957 Ford,  Kevin Owen pulling in 20 points in his #16 white 1957 Ford, and Bill Martin with 19 in the #7UP 1956 Merc.

This week’s Lead Foot of the Week goes to Jake Shimshak.

Congrats to all drivers and we’ll see you next time at the OktHOberfest Event at Ames Memorial Superspeedway!

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Thompson Speedway Week 1 2014 Recap

RCHORA & The Crash n' Burn fanclub doing what they do best.
RCHORA & The Crash n’ Burn fanclub doing what they do best.

2014 Thompson Speedway Week 1 Standings

Paul Gilbertson led the way to the hobby stock main even and came away with his league leading 9th feature win at Thompson Speedway breaking a tie he had with Greg Oliver.  Bill Martin claimed 2nd place.  Puk was also Top Dog with 26 points.

Bill Martin led the way to the late model main but it was Jake Shimshak picking up his first ever LM feature at Thompson.  Kevin Owen placed 2nd followed by Top Dog Martin with 25 points.

Martin once again led the way to the feature this time in NasTJets with 3 heat wins.  Once again, though, it was Jake Shimshak with the win, his 2nd here and 4th career.  Placing 2nd was Pat Schroeder.  Jake wins top dog honors with 24.

Limited Late Model action once again saw Martin lead the way to the main and once again it was Jake coming away with the feature win, his 3rd of the night.  The win was Jake’s 2nd career LLM feature and came in LLM’s 50th event.  Top Dog honors went to Martin with 26.

For the 2nd week in a row Bill Martin wins Lead Foot of the week tallying 97 points.  Jake & Puk tied for 2nd with 84 points each.

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